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Home Energy Consultants founder, Gary Parr, has been a leader in energy efficiency, energy conservation service, and home performance since 1985. Parr has been instrumental in several high profile projects including a Home Energy Savings Makeover in 2009, where the audit process was used to guide the improvements of a home built in 1978 to a 55% savings in electric energy consumption. This resulted in saving the family well over $3,000 per year. This same house earned a Green Remodeling certification from the National Association of Home Builders in 2009. At that time, this was the most energy efficient certified home remodel in the area. Parr has also been educating consumers on a weekly basis as host of the popular "Thirty Green" radio show for the past 5 years.

Every day, homeowners ask:

- Why are my energy bills so high?
- Why is my house so dusty?
- Why can't I cool or heat the rooms in my house properly?
- Would windows make a difference?
- Would solar be a good investment?
...and many other important questions like these.

Our answer to all of these questions is, "We really don't know, because we never just guess."

For 26 years, energy conservation service and home performance has been built on one simple idea: that homeowners everywhere have home energy issues that are not always easily solved and, more importantly, are not easily assigned to a specific trade.

For High Electric Bills, who should I call?
   An Air Conditioning and Heating Company?
   An Electrican?
   Your Power Company?

For problems with airborne intruders like dust, dirt and allergens, where do I start?
   A window company?
   An insulation company?
   An Air Conditioning and Heating Company?

The reality is, there is no right answer. Because no matter whom you choose to start with, you would be guessing. Guessing can be frustrating and costly.

At Home Energy Consultants, we have the experience to give homeowners a surefire "Plan" to solve their issues with NO more guessing.

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