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Home Energy Audit Comparison

  Survey Plan Analysis
Customer Interview
Energy Bill Survey
Customer Education Information
Visual Inspection :
  • Building Interior & Exterior
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Base Load Energy Uses
  • Health and Safety Issues
Limited Infrared Scanning    
Limited Reporting    
Diagnostic testing:
Blower Door  
Duct Air Tightness(Duct Blaster)    
Smoke Testing for Visual Verification  
Combustion Safety and Efficiency    
Infrared Scanning and Thermal Imaging  
Appliance Consumption  
Air Flow Measurements    
Temperature and R/H Measurements  
Low E Glass Testing for Verification    
Carbon Monoxide    
Basic Computer Modeling  
Infrared Scanning Report  
Energy Reduction Planning Report  
Numerical Analysis:
Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculation    
Separate Out Base Loads and Seasonal Loads
Retrofit Analysis(BCR/SIR)
Calculate and Energy Index    
Carbon Foot Print Analysis    
Moisture testing    
Comprehensive Energy-Consumption Computer Modeling    
Comprehensive Energy Reduction Analysis Report    
Re-Testing After Suggested Improvements are Made    
Energy Bill Review - Twice a year( From Green Quest Tracking Data)    
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